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Appointments can only be confirmed by making a deposit, which is already included in the service cost! After the deposit is paid, we'll send a text with an address to our studio location. 

Appointments will be canceled after a 15 minute grace period.

Clients have 24 hours before their appointed time to reschedule. Failure to do so will implicate all possibilities of booking future appointments. 


Only clients are allowed in the studio—NO extra people.

NO kids allowed. 

Only water is permitted in the spa room; no food & or other beverages. 


Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before treatment. The body will be working to remove fat and toxins. 

Drink lots of water before treatments! This will help hydrate the body before treatment and immediately help eliminate the fat and toxins that are released during treatment. 

Do not eat 2 hours prior to appointment, as we are targeting old fat. It is advised to exercise for 5-10 minutes before treatments; it boosts fat removal.


Working out directly after treatment accelerates the process by helping the body to remove fat and toxins quicker. People who continue a healthy lifestyle during treatments such as eating healthy and working out see the best results during weight loss. Your body contouring journey will not work if one continues an unhealthy lifestyle as the fat will come back eventually.


All transactions are final.

All deposits ($25) are non-refundable.

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